Monday, April 6, 2015

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Glycomimetics

As I continue to spade through the IBB, looking for something that will help my portfolio continue to outperform the IBB, my latest report:

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Could Be A Buy, Depending on Your Investment Strategy

I don't own JAZZ, but have added it to my watch list.

Last week I bought an initial small position in a highly speculative micro-cap, Glycomimetics (GLYC). It is down a bit since I bought it. It had its IPO in 2014, then ran into a delay by its partner Pfizer in the initiation of a Phase III trial for its leading candidate, Rivipansel. I expect the stock to catch a bounce if patient enrollment in the trial is announced. If Pfizer backs out, it will likely go significantly lower. I am not recommending GLYC to anyone, but I may start publishing research on it (time permitting). I will likely buy more over time opportunistically, if facts warrant that.

I am very much looking forward to earnings season kicking off this month. My big question is: how did Gilead (GILD) do? You can find my reports on quarter results and analyst conferences at:

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