Thursday, June 30, 2016

Initiation of Coverage of ImmunoGen

I previously owned biotechnology pharmaceutical companies working with ADC (antibody drug conjugate) technologies, notably Celldex (CLDX). On April 29, 2016 I bought an initial small amount of ImmunoGen (IMGN), which has an extensive pipeline of potential ADC therapies, several major partners. One of its technologies is part of an ADC that received FDA approval to be marketed by Roche.

ImmunoGen has run into some problems, resulting in a continuing decline of the stock price. I am accumulating it.

I also initiated taking notes on the quarterly analyst conferences. You can see my notes, a list of other stocks I take notes on, and a list of stocks I am currently invested in at the following links:

ImmunoGen Analyst Conference Notes

Companies Covered by William Meyers

Positions of William Meyers

Since I am a journalist, not a financial advisor, I aim for full disclosure. I try to be objective, but there is a human tendency to be biased in favor of one's investments.

Keep diversified!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Alnylam, Microchip, Brexit

It is a bloody day on Wall Street and across the world's markets, but I am not worried, yet. Since I am mainly in biotechnology stocks I will be interested to see if England eventually stops using the EMA (European Medical Authority) to decide what new drugs to allow to be sold in the country. And of course if the dollar weakens that tends to hurt American pharmaceutical companies, as sales in Europe look worse once they are converted to dollars.

Meanwhile I see much of the value in my particular portfolio in the development pipelines of the companies I own. Successes and failures will have more of an impact than Brexit.

I had two articles published at Seeking Alpha this week:

Alnylam Readouts Offer 2017-2018 Catalysts

Microchip is a Buy on Atmel Transformation

I own a small amount of Alnylam, while Microchip Technology is one of my largest positions, representing almost 10% of my portfolio.

To see the other stocks I own or follow, with links to my notes on the companies, see:

William Meyers Stocks

Thursday, June 9, 2016

GlycoMimetics: if you can stand the risk, buy it

My latest Seeking Alpha article:

GlycoMimetics: Undercovered with Catalysts Coming

I originally bought GLYC on March 31, 2015, then on April 17. Then more on August 24, 2015. Mostly lately bought on January 13, 2016.

I want more, but I'd have to sell something first, and that would mean (most likely) selling one of my winners with solid profits. And as much as I like GlycoMimetics, it is a development stage company. If its VOC trial fails, that would mean a price plunge. So for now I'll just be patient.

Waiting for biotechnology drug pipelines to mature is a major test of patience.

Keep diversified.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Biogen updated analysis

I set out to write a quick article on Biogen, but one thing led to another, and it expanded into a relatively detailed analysis. I own Biogen, and while there are some negatives in the picture like declining interferon sales, on the whole it looks very positive for the next few years.

The full article:

Biogen (BIIB) Keys to Value in 2017 and Beyond

Keep diversified!