Thursday, May 30, 2013

Marvell 2nd half opportunities

I have a new article at Seeking Alpha:

Marvell Technologies Opaque Second-Half Opportunities [May 30, 2013, Seeking Alpha]

That article was long, and so I did not go into the networking segment outlook, or into some other areas where we should see revenue ramps in late 2013 or in 2014. One bright spot is LED controllers. Another is ARM-based servers. I should also point out that Marvell (MRVL) first talked about the tablet market several years ago, so it is good to finally see a yet-undisclosed OEM going with Marvell for a tablet. Marvell's ability to integrate a variety of components on an SoC may yet get some tablet traction.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Marvell Technology (MRVL) Q1 results & conference notes

Marvell Technology Group (MRVL) reported results on Thursday, May 23 that were at the high end of prior guidance. You can see my notes on the analyst conference at Marvell analyst conference, fiscal Q1 2014.

The most significant point is that new products that have been a couple of years in development should start ramping revenues in the second half. While no specific guidance was given for Q3 or Q4, the guidance for Q2 was revenue between $770 million and $800 million, which would be a significant sequential increase.

I own stock in Marvell.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Intel analysis

My latest article at Seeking Alpha:

Intel: Neither Bullish Nor Bearish Stories Hold Up

It mights seem a bit strange writing an article where, after a complex analysis of moving parts, my conclusion is close to neutral. But after doing my research and analysis, that was my conclusion. I spend a lot of effort trying to predict the future. That is what individual stock picks are about. In this case several variables could have gone in either positive or negative directions, so my best bet is neutral. That does not preclude the bears or bulls on Intel being right, but they certainly can't prove they are right. If they were, the stock price would be different.

Monday, May 20, 2013

AMD new post

My newest post is at SeekingAlpha:

AMD Game Console Triple Crown: Will there be Profits

There is already a great discussion going on this article and the prospects of AMD and Intel (INTC)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dot Hill Outlook and Change to Seeking Alpha

In the past I have posted articles here. Seeking Alpha has reposted some, but not all of my articles.

Because so many more people are viewing the articles at Seeking Alpha than here, I am now posting the articles first at Seeking Alpha. I will post a link to the Seeking Alpha articles here.

Articles not appropriate for Seeking Alpha will continue to appear here.

Here's my first link:

 Dot Hill Sees 2013 Revenue Ramp And Profitability

To see all my articles:

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