Monday, May 16, 2016

Gilead, Hansen Medical, Mylan, Immunogen buys and sells

This is my first post since April 17. I simply have been busy. I have covered and taken notes on over 40 analyst conferences. To see what I share go to:

Analyst Conference Notes by William Meyers

My only sale during this period was my Hansen Medical stock, and that was only because it was acquired for $3.99 per share. Not one of my best investments. Hansen never was able to sell as many of its surgical robots as the technology promised.

I bought more Mylan, which I think is vastly underpriced for long term investors. I bought my first Immunogen. I bought Seagate (STX) because it is so bloody low that any good news should send it up, and it recently introduced new drives that should reinforce its datacenter/cloud business. Plus its dividend is now phenomenal.

And today I considerably enlarged me Celsion (CLSN) position. But I warn you: it is not for the feint of heart. It has a very small market capitalization and needs to get some more good data just to raise more cash and keep going. Which means dilution. And of course, in addition, the future data could be bad. If the data is good and the cash can be raised to get it to an FDA approval, however, it could be a great stock.

I had a couple of articles at Seeking Alpha, the latest being:

Gilead Sciences Q1 Key Insights

Most of my portfolio is in larger cap stocks like Gilead. I buy only tiny amounts of stocks like Celsion. On the other hand sometimes those grow to large amounts, as for example with Inovio (INO), which has grown to be near 10% of my portfolio.

Keep Diversified!

And may Fortuna be with you