Sunday, January 26, 2014

Altera, AMD, Intuitive Surgical and Xilinx analyst call notes posted

Earnings season! Like many analysts I spend considerable time listening to company conference calls and looking at numbers. While what I do for paid clients is secret, if I am listening for my own stocks or for ones I might potentially buy, I post my notes online at It gives a deeper view than a typical news story, but if you are (like me) and individual stock picker, if you like what you read you should listen to the entire conference yourself and go over the documents filed with the SEC before investing.

Last week I posted notes on:

Altera (ALTR) Q4 analyst conference call
AMD (AMD) Q4 analyst conference call
Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) Q4 analyst conference call
Xilinx (XLNX) Q4 analyst conference call

This week the following conferences are on my agenda. I like to do them live, but sometimes there delays before I post my notes.

This coming week will be busy with Seagate reporting on Monday, Amgen and Illumina and Tuesday, Biogen Idec, SGI, and Vertex on Wednesday, and Celgene and Alexion on Thursday. The links in this paragraph lead to my pages on each of the companies, with further links to the conference call summaries plus stories I have written and stories I think are important that were written by others.

As I write this, of the companies mentioned, I own AMD, Biogen Idec, SGI, and Celgene. I may buy any company mentioned at any time. I am a long-term investor, but I may sell a stock I own if it rises fast enough to violate my rules limiting each holding to a % of my portfolio, or if I see a better opportunity. My trades are too small to influence stock prices for more than a few microseconds.

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