Monday, January 6, 2014

Marvell Technologies (MRVL) jumps on LTE wins in China

New article at Seeking Alpha:

Marvell Technologies Will Ramp Smartphone Chip Profits In 2014

I started writing this article yesterday because of an announcement last week of an LTE smartphone win in China. When I got up this morning to finish the article the stock was up quite a bit, and there were more announcements of 4G LTE wins in China. So I finished the article, and fortunately the turn-around time at Seeking Alpha was quick.

I have held Marvell since around 2006. I paid too much for it in the early years, but also built up a position over time during dips. I have taken notes on every quarter's analyst conference since 2006. You can see my notes at:

Marvell Technology Analyst Conference Call Notes

It is getting harder to find undervalued stocks. I believe that MRVL is currently undervalued, but as always that is contingent on it having a growth trajectory more or less in line with my expectations.

I have enough Marvell stock that if momentum players push the price up too high too quickly (above $20 per  share in the next few months) my portfolio rules would require me to sell a portion of it. I try to keep the market value of each of my stocks to no more than 10% of my entire portfolio.

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