Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dot Hill Ups Guidance; My Good Call

Dot Hill (HILL) updated its Q4 2013 guidance today. I just want to point out that this made my prediction in

Dot Hill Likely To Reach $4 Per Share In 2014 of August 8, 2013, come true following the press release.

It also means I am not so much out on a limb with my recent article:

Nearly Quadrupling In 2013, Dot Hill Still Has 2X Potential In 2014 [December 29, 2013]

Most likely Dot Hill management will give 2014 guidance when they report Q4 earnings in February or Early March. My EPS estimate for 2014 may prove to be rosier than HILL's, but I appear to have the direction right.

Here is the press release link: Dot Hill Revised Q4 Guidance

Here's my favorite sentence from that release: "More importantly, during 2013, we announced many new flagship vertical markets' customers that we expect will be the foundation for continued growth into 2014 in Big Data, Oil and Gas and in Media and Entertainment." That is from Dana Kammersgard, CEO.

As I write HILL is up $0.57 or % to $4.04, after being considerably higher earlier in the day. Some day traders made a killing, some must have taken a bath, but I am a long term investor. With today's price rise HILL became the largest component of my portfolio. I look forward to the day when HILL can start paying a cash dividend, but that is not likely to be in 2014.

If you really want to understand Dot Hill, you may want to read some of my Notes on Dot Hill analyst calls.

Keep diversified!

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