Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Celgene and Agenus

Just some catch-up notes. I have spent most of my time lately looking at quarter results and listening to analyst conferences. Next week that finally lets up and I should be able to start doing some analysis. The articles will appear at Seeking Alpha, or if rejected there, at this blog.

Recent trades:

Just two. I sold a small amount of Celgene (CELG) to bring it back within my portfolio rules limiting each stock to 10% of my tiny portfolio. I had bought these shares for $52.40 on 1/28/2011 and sold them for $102.21 on 10/24/2014.

I added a small amount of Agenus (AGEN) on 11/3/2014. Agenus has a lot of potential in immuno-oncology, including checkpoint modulators, that is not reflected in its market capitalization. But it is also a very risky stock, with only one near-term approval likely, and that probably not a big revenue generator because it is just one component licensed for a malaria vaccine.

You can see a list of stocks I own at the Openicon portfolio page.

Notes on recent Analyst Conferences:

TTM Technologies
Seattle Genetics
Adept Technology

Disclosure: In addition to Celgene and Agenus, I own Amgen, Gilead, TTM, Mylan, and Microchip. I reserve the right to buy or sell any stock listed on this page at any time. [As opposed to when I write articles, in which case I do forgo the right to trade for a couple of days in the stocks analyzed].

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