Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Amgen reminder

Just a wee reminder that this column (and my Seeking Alpha columns) can make you money:

Amgen is around $155 as I write.

When I wrote Amgen (AMGN) Initial Buy on March 24, 2014, Amgen was at $121.28

When I wrote Amgen with Onyx Pharmaceuticals: Long Term Analysis September 4, 2013 Amgen was at $113.02.

And Amgen was under $100 before March 28, 2013.

Just as with small cap stocks, even with large cap stocks there can be reasons they get ignored by investors, providing an opportunity to make better-than-index returns if you do your homework and analysis right.

But be careful. While I have done really well with the stocks I own (on a % basis), that is despite occasionally making wrong calls. For instance, AMD and DNDN were risky bets that went awry for me this year.

I own Amgen and AMD stock today. I no longer own DNDN.

You can see all my stock notes & analysis starting at http://www.openicon/confsums/listcos.html

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