Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AMD woes and wishes

I had an article published at Seeking Alpha about AMD's third quarter results and prospects:

AMD Seasonality Does Not Imply Failure

You can also see my notes on the Thursday, October 16 AMD analyst conference

AMD remains problematic. The company is the only competitor to Intel and Nvidia, and so keeps them from overcharging consumers. But the benefits to AMD investors have been non-existent for years. I own AMD stock, but it has been a serious drag on my portfolio.

One interesting thing about writing for Seeking Alpha is that AMD is the subject of intense interest there. This has to be because the online community recognizes AMD as one of the two PC CPU makers. So far (5 PM Pacific Time) there are 31 comments on the article. My typical article, which would be far more valuable to investors, gets just 3 to 5 comments. The first commenter is Ashraf Eassa, who I first saw as a Seeking Alpha writer, who had long pushed Intel and bashed AMD, and who graduated (if you can call it that) to be a regular columnist for Motley Fool. All I am saying is, based on a limited sample, that there is no correspondence between the number of comments at Seeking Alpha and the performance of the stock commented on.

This week and next week I will be covering mostly biotechnology stocks. Illumina reported record results yesterday, Intuitive Surgical reported earlier today, tomorrow morning Biogen Idec reports.

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