Monday, November 17, 2014

Recent Trades: Gilead and Dot Hill

In the interest of transparency, since I am a financial journalist, I note that I made the following trades recently:

Dot Hill (HILL). I sold a small amount of HILL because it exceeded my usual 10% limit on share of portfolio. It sold for $4.57 on November 14, 2014. I had bought these particular shares on December 4, 2009 for $1.78 per share. I note that Dot Hill provided strong guidance for Q4 2014 and hinted that 2015 quarters should be closer to the Q4 run rate than was typical in the past. I am bullish on Dot Hill, but note it has missed guidance for various reasons in the past. See my Dot Hill Q3 Analyst Summary.

Gilead Sciences (GILD). Even though Gilead now takes up about 15% of my portfolio, I bought more this morning for $100.62 per share. I believe 2015 earnings will be in the vicinity of $10 per share. I believe the reason the price of the shares is so low is that institutional investors owned most of the shares, and as the price rose they had to start shedding shares to keep within their own portfolio limit rules. I believe competition for cures for Hepatitis C will be weak, and that public pressure will force insurers and the government to stop rationing Harvoni. Hepatitis C is infectious; it is bad health policy to not cure as many people as possible as early as possible in their disease course. See my Gilead Q3 analyst summary.

My buys and sells should not be construed as financial advise. I am just sharing my opinions with other writers and investors.

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