Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AMD versus Nvidia

I have a new article at Seeking Alpha:

Advanced Micro Devices Versus Nvidia: Is There Anything For Investors In Their Final Battle?

As stated there, I own AMD stock. While I don't own NVDA, I have owned it in the past, and like the company.

For details on the latest quarter results, and Q&A with analysts, you can see my notes at OpenIcon:

Nvidia Q3 2013 results and analyst call

AMD Q3 2013 results and analyst call

This is an epic battle, with a surreal sense since both companies make the chips that power computer games. I don't see an obvious winner. Both companies have beaten-down stock prices, but AMD's is more downtrodden than Nvidia's.

There are already 13 comments at Seeking Alpha. I write about both IT stocks and biotech stocks, and I have noticed that there are a lot more comments on IT stocks. It appears a lot of IT guys who are investors are members of the Seeking Alpha community.

They are a sharp bunch. They will fill in many details about AMD and Nvidia. They will pounce on any errors I made. The shorts will challenge my pro-long details, and the longs will challenge my pro-short details. It is a debate not dissimilar to what you see at sites like www.anandtech.com when someone reviews an AMD or Nvidia gaming card. But generally more polite, less sarcastic, and more fact driven.

I've been covering and investing in and out of Nvidia and AMD for a long time. For a long-term, historic view check out my numerous links to old article and analyst conference summaries at:

Openicon AMD
Openicon NVDA

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