Thursday, November 7, 2013

Agenus Recommendation

My first Seeking Alpha article in a while, Agenus Valuation After Positive HerpV Vaccine Results, was selected by SA as a Small-Cap Insight article.

If you read it, be sure to check out the other recent Agenus articles.

My article has plenty of warnings about risk. Before my first buy of AGEN I not only read a variety of opinions at Seeking Alpha, but also listened to an analyst conference and checked SEC documents. In addition, AGEN represents only 1.25% of my portfolio holdings, which I think is enough for a risky small cap stock, despite my overall positive opinion of it. If it goes to a higher percentage on its own, that is different. My portfolio limit for a single stock is 10% of the portfolio. About half of my portfolio consists of biotech stocks.

Also, I am a long-term investor. I am making no predictions about the short-term (under 3 years, but particularly in the next few months.) All predictions are probability-based, and could be wildly wrong.

Happy hunting, and Keep Diversified!

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