Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Agenus, Biogen Idec, Seagate and Vertex Q3 results and calls

You can look at my notes on September quarter results and analyst calls from Agenus (AGEN) , Biogen Idec (BIIB), Seagate (STX) and Vertex (VRTX) if you like:

Agenus Q3 analyst call

Biogen Idec Q3 analyst call

Seagate Q3 analyst call

Vertex Q3 analyst call

I don't own any Vertex stock. I have owned Biogen Idec stock since 2008. I have owned Seagate stock since June 2012.

This is my first coverage of Agenus. I bought a small initial amount of AGEN in September and bought a like amount this morning. Agenus is a development-stage biotechnology stock, with no regular income source, though it has received some revenue from achieved milestones at partners. It should be considered a very risky investment. I hope to write up Agenus at Seeking Alpha very soon (I finished my Microsoft project, but got behind on so many things during it ...)

This afternoon I will be taking notes on Gilead, a company I have owned since 2007. I'm going to post the link even though no data is there yet:

Gilead Q3 analyst call

Keep in mind that anyone can listen to the analyst call of traded companies. Usually only buy-side (Wall Street) analysts can ask questions. You can listen by telephone or by web streaming. I always listen to at least one conference before buying a stock. The notes I post contain what is important to me, and can be read it a minute or two, but are not really meant to substitute for the full conference.

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