Thursday, October 24, 2013

Analyst Calls: Akamai, Celgene, Alexion

Yesterday I took notes on:

Akamai Analyst Call Q3 2013

Akamai had a good quarter, but not quite as great if you subtract out accounting change-based benefits. Guidance for Q4 was conservative. Since AKAM is a high P/E stock, it has to stay near perfection to avoid price drops. I have owned AKAM in the past and would buy on a significant dip.

Today I posted notes on:

Celgene Analyst Call Q3 2013

Celgene hit record revenue, but how you look at results depends on whether you use GAAP or non-GAAP numbers. I prefer GAAP for most purposes, and on that basis EPS was down y/y. But the value in Celgene is in recently approved and soon to be approved therapies. Those are going well, so I am sticking by my $200 per share by late 2017 thesis. I am a long-term owner of Celgene stock.

Later today I will post notes on:

Alexion Analyst Call Q3 2013

I do not own Alexion, but I am watching it as a possible addition to my portfolio.

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