Thursday, December 4, 2014

Intel thoughts

Newest Seeking Alpha Article:

Intel Expiring or Renewing with Mobile and Cloud?

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Note my worst performing stock that I nevertheless still have in my portfolio is Intel sort-of competitor AMD. My other AMD notes and posts.

The argument about Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and the various ARM chip makers will go on ad-infinitum. Want to get some hits on Seeking Alpha, write about something the techno investors feel they know enough to argue about. Is my opinion special? No, not really. But I already knew how to program when Intel introduced its first CPU ship in 1971. I have seen the demise of many companies, and I have seen IBM survive, to my surprise (my first computer was an IBM mainframe at university).

I don't give financial advice, but my own holdings have shifted from being mostly computer technology to mostly biotechnology over the past 10 years. And that worked out better than any one particular computer stock has for me.

I don't own Intel (INTC), but if I did I would likely hold it for the dividend and any ongoing upside to its general business.

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