Friday, December 12, 2014

Agenus and American Prosperity 3.0

I originally heard about a company called Agenus (AGEN) from a Seeking Alpha article. It seemed interesting, but I had doubts about its vaccine program for cancers and infectious diseases. But after a while I thought its market capitalization was low compared to its chances of success. I bought a small amount in October 2013, and have added to it sense then. It is a risky small cap stock, so although I think it might turn into a large cap stock somewhere down the road, I keep it to a small percent of my portfolio. I own shares in a number of small, risky biotechnology companies.

Here's my latest Seeking Alpha article: Agenus Herpes Competition and Cancer Checkpoint Prospects.

On a more humorous note you could try my one-page history of the American economy, American Prosperity 3.0.

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