Monday, August 4, 2014

Regeneron, Dot Hill, Mylan and Nvidia to report this week

This is probably the last intense week of earnings season for me. I still have a bit of cash in my portfolio, and like to try to wait until the end of the season before deploying cash, or not, or even raising more by selling some stock.

First up Regeneron (REGN) Tuesday morning, the conference begins at 5:30 AM my (Pacific) time, so I might wait to listen to the recording. In any case my notes will eventually appear at Regeneron Q2 Analyst Conference Notes. I started a very small position in REGN in June, so this will be my first conference as a stockholder. I'll be looking to see how revenue is ramping, but most of the value is still in the pipeline, so any news on that will be of great interest.

I'll be listening to supercomputer manufacturer SGI on Wednesday, but I don't expect much from them. But you never know. If the stock is cheap enough and they show signs of improving, I would consider buying back in. My notes will be at SGI Q2 analyst conference.

Thursday is the busy day. Starting with Mylan (MYL) at 7:00 AM PT, notes at Mylan Q2 2014 analyst conference. Mylan is a generic drug maker. I'll be looking for a report on biosimilars, but mainly the question is how did overall revenue come in, and what were costs and resulting earnings. I think 5 years down the road I will be happy to have started a position this year, but I don't see where a short term pop could come from.

Dot Hill (HILL) is at 8:00 AM PT. This little-known company makes data storage equipment that is rebranded by an increasing number of storage companies. It is my largest small cap holding, so I am keenly interested. At this point it is mainly a question of how much their end customers ramp sales, which is hard to predict. The stock price did extremely well in 2013, and I think will be up again significantly by early 2015, but predicting quarter to quarter sales and profits and stock price is difficult. Dot HIll Q2 2014 analyst conference.

Nvidia is the only company in this lot that has a recognizable brand name. I don't own any NVDA but I have in the past. Nvidia has great graphics engineers and a plan to capitalize on graphics computing both on mobile devices and on the cloud computers that service them. I own stock in rivals AMD and Marvell (MRVL). I would certainly considering owning NVDA at some price point, and will be watching for its cloud computing progress in this normally seasonally slow fiscal quarter, which includes July. Nvidia Q2 2014 analyst conference.

Of course many more companies report this weak, and I enjoy getting other financial writer's reports, and hearing the opinions of others in the investment community. While I will read articles from any source, I generally find that Seeking Alpha, which I write for, is consistently more helpful to me than other sites. I also read the SEC documents of a company before investing; only fools don't.

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