Friday, July 18, 2014

I Exit Seagate (STX); stick with AMD

Just to note that I have sold my stock in Seagate (STX). I have not decided whether to continue coverage or not. While I think of myself as a long-term investor, I am looking to beat market indexes. Seagate was priced ridiculously low in 2012, for reasons I have explained in prior posts.

I believe Seagate has now become a dividend stock. It pays a good dividend, it has good cash flow, and it has a strong stock buy-back program. However, there are other stocks I think have better growth prospects that are not fully priced in.

I bought STX for $23.13 on 6/12/2012. I sold it in halves at $59.07 on 7/8/2014 and $59.82 on 7/18/2014.

I did my usual write-up of the June quarter (fiscal Q4) Seagate results and analyst conference.

In contrast, while I did sell 1/5 of my AMD on 7/16/2014 for $4.72 per share. I thought there was enough enthusiasm about AMD to cause almost any Q1 results to disappoint. But I still hold considerable AMD (as a % of my portfolio) because I believe it is making progress with its turn around. I believe AMD is a 2015 story, when it will start selling its new server chips, chips for gaming consoles in China, and the promised 1 or 2 major new customized SoC chips for confidential clients. For more see my AMD Q1 2014 results conference.

Of course I would be open to buying more AMD or STX if the prices fell low enough and my current expectations were unchanged.

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