Wednesday, July 2, 2014

AMD, what to look for

Another post published at Seeking Alpha:

3 More Reasons to Stay Long AMD

This would not be the best article for someone who knows nothing about Advanced Micro Devices. But so much has been written about AMD. There have been rumors of an inventory issue (too much of it) with high-end GPU cards. That is supposed to be the result of the end of the Bitcoin mania. So now gamers can actually buy high-end AMD GPU cards at reasonable prices. If there is some excess inventory, it will work out of the system quickly. The only real problem would be if people just plain stop buying high-end graphics cards, which does not seem likely.

There is the PC unit decline (or not) issue, and the ancient market share, AMD vs. Intel issue.

And we are all waiting to see if there will really be a AMD chip in some new mass market device beyond PCs and gaming consoles.

Which will all come out when AMD reports Q2 results on July 17. As usual, I will read and listen to the presentation and put up my notes (at AMD analyst conference summaries). But if you are thinking of investing in AMD, you should listen yourself (the link will be at AMD calendar). Why give the professionals an edge?

Good luck. Keep in mind I am always looking for the long-run value; I don't try to predict stock prices in the short run.

I own AMD stock; I am a business writer, not an investment advisor.

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