Friday, June 24, 2016

Alnylam, Microchip, Brexit

It is a bloody day on Wall Street and across the world's markets, but I am not worried, yet. Since I am mainly in biotechnology stocks I will be interested to see if England eventually stops using the EMA (European Medical Authority) to decide what new drugs to allow to be sold in the country. And of course if the dollar weakens that tends to hurt American pharmaceutical companies, as sales in Europe look worse once they are converted to dollars.

Meanwhile I see much of the value in my particular portfolio in the development pipelines of the companies I own. Successes and failures will have more of an impact than Brexit.

I had two articles published at Seeking Alpha this week:

Alnylam Readouts Offer 2017-2018 Catalysts

Microchip is a Buy on Atmel Transformation

I own a small amount of Alnylam, while Microchip Technology is one of my largest positions, representing almost 10% of my portfolio.

To see the other stocks I own or follow, with links to my notes on the companies, see:

William Meyers Stocks

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