Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sold Some Dot Hill

This morning I reluctantly sold 10% of my (tiny) Dot Hill (HILL) holdings. This was because Dot Hill had become well over 10% of my portfolio by value, breaking my portfolio rule. Even after the sale Dot Hill is somewhat more than 10% of my portfolio, but it is looking to be on a roll. So enough for now.

Dot Hill will report Q1 results tomorrow. I'll be looking for guidance. If Q2 is predicted strong then the rest of the year should be great.

The shares I sold today for $6.85 I bought for $1.74 on February 4, 2010, but I originally invested in Dot Hill back in 2005. It was up and down for a while, but now it looks like we are mostly going up.

I will likely write an article for Seeking Alpha on Dot Hill soon. You can see links to everything I have written on Dot Hill, including my notes on analyst conferences I took over the years, at

William Meyers Dot Hill page

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