Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Agenus, Inovio, Dendreon, Dot Hill, Microchip, Hansen analyst conference notes

Top of the list, published at Seeking Alpha:

Agenus Platforms Provide Many Shots on Commercialization Goal

My notes on recent quarter results and analyst conferences:



Dot Hill


Hansen Medical


I had been working on the Agenus article for some time. I came up with a value of AGEN stock much higher than the current value, but I believe I was fair about it. If anything, I held back because I was a bit shocked at how valuable the company should be. If I were a billionaire I would buy the whole thing at the current market capitalization, if I could. Of course an attempt like that would send the price soaring.

I own some of all the above stocks except Regeneron. I really should pick up some REGN, despite the high P/E ratio, but my cash only goes so far.

I bought some more Mylan (MYL) stock on May 9, but now I have enough of it. Can't say what Mylan will do in the short run, but in the long run they look to do great.

Now that earnings season is slowing down, I hope to write more analysis, and I hope Seeking Alpha will continue to publish my longer pieces.

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