Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dendreon (DNDN) commentary

Thanks to the editors at Seeking Alpha for publishing my latest:

Dendreon Ready For A Rebound

It is a complex picture, and there are no guarantees. Stocks like Dendreon are best played only by those who are good at balancing risk.

I own Dendreon (DNDN) stock. I have always had some amount of Dendreon since I first bought it in 2004, but sold most of mine in 2009-2010, then started accumulating it again in 2013.

I take notes on Dendreon quarterly results and analyst conferences; follow the link to read them.

Dendreon sells its Provenge therapy for castrate-resistant, minimally symptomatic metastatic prostate cancer.

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  1. The article mentions cancer checkpoint modulation. For a better explanation, try: