Friday, January 22, 2016

Agenus upgrade

I own Agenus stock. On January 21, 2016, Agenus had some good news, so I wrote an article for Seeking Alpha:

Agenus Gets 2 INDs: Time to Revalue Upward

I felt particularly good about the news since I increased my AGEN holdings slightly on January 20, based solely on seeing that it was at a 52-week low, and feeling it will be worth a lot, lot more in the long run.

In other recent trades I bought more Star Bulk (SBLK), which is a very risky company, which I don't recommend to anyone, and hope if you do consider it you research it thoroughly and accept the risk involved.

I also bought more GlycoMimetics (GLYC), which is a small biotech company with a novel therapy in clinical trials. Again, because it only has one therapy in trials at this point, if that therapy fails it could mean the failure of the entire company. Buy at your own risk.

It looks like the markets are calming down. I believe most (but not all) biotechnology stocks are undervalued for long-term investors. But what you can buy or sell a stock for on a given day is subject to an auction. Buy low and sell high, which is the opposite of what most investors and traders do, which is why it works. Second option: buy good companies and hold them, and don't worry so much.

I am a journalist and investor, not a financial advisor.

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