Saturday, September 12, 2015

Juno Therapeutics

When I sat down to write about Juno Therapeutics (JUNO) I thought it would take me about two hours. Instead I found it took about 8 hours, spread over a couple of weeks. Juno has the poorest web presentation of data of any biotechnology company I can remembering researching. Add to that that it has a number of therapies in Phase 1, each with poorly presented data, and the novelty of their platform (CAR-T) to me, and it was a struggle. You can read what I wrote at Seeking Alpha:

Juno Therapeutics: Celgene Partnership And CAR-T Pipeline Value

So far I have not bought any Juno stock, but I do own Celgene (CELG), which now owns a substantial amount of JUNO.

I last updated this blog on August 25. Since then I added to three of my positions, but nothing since 9/3/2015:




You can find my basic analysis of Seattle Genetics and Microchip at Openicon and at Seeking Alpha. I haven't written about Ocata Therapeutics yet, but others have written about it at Seeking Alpha, and I'll get to it some day. September is a very busy month for me, so it is not actually on the schedule yet. Another stock I will write about soon is Agios (AGIO), which is another Celgene partner. I don't own any Agios at this time, but would be considering buying it at the time I do the research for the article.

My investment portfolio is so small that my buying or selling stock generally only affects the price for a few milliseconds.

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