Monday, July 1, 2013

Onyx Pharmaceuticals (ONXX) Amgen Bid, review

Onyx Pharmaceuticals (ONXX) is up roughly 50% today on news that Amgen made a $120 per share bid to buy the company, which was rejected.

I certainly agree with the Board that the bid undervalued Onyx. Whether there will be a bidding war is a matter of speculation. I believe that Onyx can do well continuing to operate independently if no reasonable buyout offer is made.

Since no substantial new information is available for analysis, I just going to provide links to my prior articles. Note that the buy-side, Wall Street analysts that are touting ONXX today were mostly dissing in back in 2008-2012.

From latest to earliest:

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Kyprolis Approved [July 20, 2012]
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Carfilzomib (Kyprolis) Recommended for Multiple Myeloma by FDA Committee [June 20, 2012 press release]
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Onyx Pharmaceuticals Readies Carfilzomib [August 17, 2011]
Onyx Pharmaceuticals ASH Conference [December 7, 2010]
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Onyx Pharmaceuticals Acquires Proteolix, Carfilzomib [October 12, 2009]
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[August 11, 2008]
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In addition, you can find my notes for years of analyst conferences at OpenIcon Onyx Pharmaceuticals Analyst Conference Summaries

And here's the Onyx Pharmaceuticals Confirms Receipt of Unsolicited Acquisition Proposal from Amgen press release.

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