Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New post on Inovio (INO)

Yesterday I was thinking I had not written about Inovio (INO)  for some time. I checked Seeking Alpha to make sure no one was writing about the company, and too my surprise found several articles already there.

One negative article struck me as mistaken in its analysis. I like to read negative articles because too often the negative points of stocks are ignored. But I did a bit of research and concluded that, while nothing guarantees that a small company like Inovio will ever get FDA clearance for its vaccines, Inovio is still a buy for me.

Here's the article: Sorting Out Inovio Claims

Once again, this is not a recommendation for anyone to buy INO. It is a high-risk biotechnology stock and should only be owned by people who know how to manage such risks properly.

Keep diversified!

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