Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buying AMD Today

This is just a note to my readers that I added to my AMD position on August 31 and again earlier today. AMD is at or near multi-year lows.

I believe the situation is not as dire as the shorts think. Even mediocre Q3 results, which are scheduled to be reported on October 18, could force the shorts out and the stock price up. AMD is executing well, with new GPUs about to be announced and with desktop Trinity APUs due for release on October 2.

The pros and cons of AMD have been raked over by myself [See my AMD analysis page] and many others. A good summary of the buy arguments for AMD is CFO Resignation Irrelevant, Buy AMD by Ashraf Eassa, with lots of comments reminding us of the cons of buying AMD even at this super-low price.

Disclaimer: I own AMD stock. I don't trade in volumes large enough to affect the stock price, so I am not putting any time restrictions on my trading activities due to this article.

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