Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Hat (RHT) Shows Resilience

I listened to the Red Hat (RHT) analyst conference call on fiscal Q1 ending May 28th, 2011, yesterday. My detailed summary is at Red Hat Q1 2012 analyst call.

I recently read about the increased resilience of modern software, with Microsoft as the example. That matches my own experience. It has been years (maybe even a decade) since I have seen the Windows operating system itself crash on my computers. Occasionally I see application programs crash (especially older ones), but always the solution is to just restart them. That is resilience.

Red Hat is showing resilience for its investors. While the price to earnings ration is high, lately revenues and profits have been ramping fast enough to justify the hopes that high PEs are based on. It is still small potatoes when you compare its revenues and profits to Microsoft, or Apple, or even Google or Facebook. Long ago it was priced as the next Microsoft. Now Red Had Enterprise Linux and its brothers-in-arms JBoss and RHEV virtualization are a highly respected solution for servers, datacenters, and the cloud. It is nice to see a business software paradigm based on high quality with low prices. It is a huge benefit to the American economy.

I don't currently own Red Hat, but I bought some when it was near bottom during the late recession, so I did real well with it.

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