Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TTM Technologies (TTMI) Grows with Smartphones, Tablets

TTM Technologies (TTMI) makes the printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are the backbones of electronic devices; it is the largest PCB manufacturer based in the United States. Last year it acquired a Hong Kong based company with multiple manufacturing facilities in China. Most U.S. PCB manufacturing is now for prototypes and relatively small runs for low-volume end products. By designing and prototyping in the U.S. and doing full-scale runs in China, TTM has created a lot of utility for U.S. based technology companies. It has been running at near capacity, while continuing to expand capacity.

One of the main drivers of increased capacity is tablet computing devices, following the leading edge created by smartphones. This is not just a matter of increased volume. All the electronics have been shrunk, meaning the PCBs themselves involve a higher level of technology than they did a decade ago. This has been good for TTM since many smaller players have been unable to invest in the newest technologies, and TTM gets better profit margins on the higher-technology boards.

With the Chinese acquisition TTM's business has become somewhat more seasonal. The U.S. business was (and still will be) affected by summer vacations and December holidays. Since it is mainly about prototyping and low volume runs for medical, industrial, and aerospace devices, it was not much affected by the Q3 bulge seen in many consumer oriented electronics companies. In China, however, there is a slowdown during the Lunar New Year, and since much of the work is for consumer smartphones, computers, and tablets, there will by Q3 bulges.

Last Thursday, reporting for Q1 2011 ending March 31, 2011, results were solid once seasonality is accounted for. Revenues were $342.8 million, down 8% sequentially from $373.4 million, but up 148% from $138.2 million year-earlier. GAAP Net income was $29.1 million, down 20% sequentially from $36.5 million, but up by a factor of 6 from $4.5 million year-earlier. GAAP EPS (earnings per share) were $0.33, down 20% sequentially from $0.41, but up 230% from $0.10 year-earlier.

Guidance was for Q2 revenue between $350 and $370 million. GAAP EPS $0.28 to $0.37; non-GAAP EPS $0.36 to $0.45.

TTM has a strong cash position at $202 million, and is rapidly paying off its $321 million debt. It is also investing in more equipment in China to keep up with the pace of producing PCBs for iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones and

I own TTM stock, and believe it was a good strategic acquisition for my portfolio (I bought it cheap during the recession). I did not want to try to pick a winner among Apple, Google & partners, etc., for the smartphone/tablet computer revolution. But companies like Applied Materials (AMAD) and TTM provide the infrastructure for the revolution, no matter who wins what market share. There are some exceptions, of course, and plenty of competition in the PCB and semiconductor capital equipment spaces, but so far the strategy has worked pretty well.

For more details on TTM's recent performance, see my TTM Technologies Q1 2011 analyst call summary. One notable fact from management answering analyst questions was that labor costs, per hour, have increased 18% recently. This does not put much pressure on TTM margins, since the factories are highly automated. It does indicate that China is moving to a internal-consumption economy. The rich there are buying all the iPhones Apple can supply, and for middle management and the the working class there are now OPhone type smartphones available at a far lower cost.

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