Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adobe Creative Suite 5 and 6 plans; Q1 call

I have posted my usual notes for the Adobe Q1 2011 Analyst Call which took place today.

Aside from record revenues, to me the most interesting bit was that soon an update to Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) will be released. The main point is to make it easier to address the growing Babylon of computer devices out there. Once you just needed Acrobat and the ability to create Web pages. Now you need to be able to publish using mobile applications, and it seems every cell phone and tablet computer is different. Adobe hopes to keep the write once, read anywhere dream alive. Of course, it will cost you. In addition to CS5, they are now recommending the extra expense of their new Digital Publishing Suite. No big deal for publishing empires, but tough on lone wolves like me.

CS6 will come out some time in 2012. Adobe will be encouraging customers to change over to a subscription based system on a world wide basis. In other words, pay every month, get updates as Adobe is able to issue them.

See also: www.adobe.com

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