Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Onyx Pharmaceuticals Clinical Trial Overview

I listened to the Onyx Pharmaceuticals (ONXX) presentation to analysts today. It mainly reported on Onyx's therapeutic pipeline. I have covered Onyx in more depth elsewhere (see my Onyx Pharmaceuticals ONXX page); here I am just recording my immediate impressions from the presentations.

Carfilzomib for multiple myeloma data seems to be excellent. Carfilzomib could become the drug of choice for MM patients. Revenues could begin in late 2011, but would more likely be a 2012 story (they already got a large milestone payment from Ono Pharmaceutical in Japan).

In addition to extending Nexavar (Sorafenib) for liver cancer, there are three main targets for Nexavar: breast, lung, and thyroid cancer.

The breast cancer results seemed somewhat marginal to me. With the right subtype target, they should be able to get results good enough for FDA approval, but it is not a sure thing. A big Phase III trial is about to get underway, which will give everyone a much better view.

The lung cancer results seemed fairly solid, again with the best chance of success being based on subtype identification. I would give Nexavar a better-than-average chance of approval based on data available so far.

The best data appeared to be for thyroid cancer. Here we have a good combination of a lack of any good therapy availability to date and the method of action of Nexavar working out well for the most common type of thyroid cancer. I would bet this indication will be approved.

In the short run, the biggest impact on the stock would come from the approval of reimbursement for Nexavar for liver cancer in South Korea. Liver cancer is far more common in Asia than in the U.S. or Europe (over 10 times as common), so the bulk of the global profits will eventually come from Japan, Korea, and China. China has approved prescribing Nexavar, but not reimbursement for the costs. The Korean approval won't take effect until January 1, so it won't effect Q4 2010 revenues.

My overal impression is that the Onyx stock I own is now very underpriced, but that is based on future trial results, FDA approvals, and marketing successes, so making stock purchases on that assumption involves pretty much risk.

Onyx stock (ONXX) ended the day up $1.04 or 3.1%, at $34.54.

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