Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cisco Leads Market Lower After Conference

The market is being led lower by Cisco (CSCO) today. Yesterday Cisco released slightly disappointing results and, at its analyst conference call, gave very disappointing guidance for the current quarter, which is Cisco's Q2 fiscal 2011.

In short, government spending is a big part of Cisco's pie, and government spending, especially by American states that have balanced-budget provisions, was weak. A second area of weakness was sales of set top boxes to cable companies.

For a more detailed report try my Cisco fiscal Q1 2011 analyst conference call summary.

I don't own Cisco stock.

Up today is NVIDIA. But I have other conferences to cover for clients, so I may not be posting my NVDA conference call summary (Q3 fiscal 2011) until late tonight or even Friday. But you can bookmark the page and return to it later.

For a complete list of technology stocks I cover for the public, see analyst conference call list.

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