Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dot Hill, Applied Materials, Dendreon, Microchip and NVIDIA

Soon I should be writing Dissecting the Bull blogs on a regular basis again. The first half of August was an exciting time for the economy and investors, but my head was buried in a project for Microsoft, which I turned in Friday.

I did post several analyst conference summaries. Probably the most interesting is the summary for Dot Hill, which posted huge percentage gains in the week after the conference.
In this post I am just providing links to my most recent conference summaries:

Applied Materials (AMAT) August 11, 2009 analyst conference summary
Dendreon (DNDN) August 11, 2009 analyst conference summary
Dot Hill (HILL) August 10, 2009 analyst conference summary
Microchip (MCHP) August 6, 2009 analyst conference summary
NVIDIA (NVDA) August 6, 2009 analyst conference summary

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